Yarn Along: My First Attempt at Knitting a Sweater


I decided to attempt a sweater as my next knitting project.  I’ve never knit one and have been wanting to for a long time. My Grandma gave me this massive ball of yarn a couple of years ago when she was cleaning out her drawers and barrels full of yarn.  I chose an easy child’s sweater to attempt.  As you can see, I’m not very far along..


I finished the Leaves and Cables hat last week and was disappointed with the size of the hat, as it doesn’t fit Mum. The size seems to be more for a small child.  It was a great project though, and I enjoyed learning new knitting techniques.

Our family has been on a gaming streak. We just learned Dominion and it has become one of our family favourites.  These are the collection of games we have been playing this week, 7 Wonders fast becoming another top favourite.



Mum has us girls doing Alisha Gratehouse’s You are a Masterpiece art lessons.  This week’s was a watercolour lesson on painting a bird of our choice.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on a Painted Bunting.  img_2283.jpg

Joining Ginny this Wednesday for Yarn Along.



11 thoughts on “Yarn Along: My First Attempt at Knitting a Sweater

  1. Love the bird paintings! And good luck with your first sweater. I just finished my first sweater for myself and it actually turned out so much better than I expected. And I thought it was really fun to knit!


  2. I’ve made hats that don’t fit people and when you take that time it’s sad they don’t fit. But you learn. I used 2 size bigger needles for my last one that looks a lot like yours so I hope it fits my son in law!


  3. That’s good you will be knitting your first sweater! the games look fun! I love board games too and just realizing there are so many I don’t know about. I just bought Listography which was very fun! (if you like making lists like I do).


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