Yarn Along: My First Attempt at Knitting a Sweater


I decided to attempt a sweater as my next knitting project.  I’ve never knit one and have been wanting to for a long time. My Grandma gave me this massive ball of yarn a couple of years ago when she was cleaning out her drawers and barrels full of yarn.  I chose an easy child’s sweater to attempt.  As you can see, I’m not very far along..


I finished the Leaves and Cables hat last week and was disappointed with the size of the hat, as it doesn’t fit Mum. The size seems to be more for a small child.  It was a great project though, and I enjoyed learning new knitting techniques.

Our family has been on a gaming streak. We just learned Dominion and it has become one of our family favourites.  These are the collection of games we have been playing this week, 7 Wonders fast becoming another top favourite.



Mum has us girls doing Alisha Gratehouse’s You are a Masterpiece art lessons.  This week’s was a watercolour lesson on painting a bird of our choice.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on a Painted Bunting.  img_2283.jpg

Joining Ginny this Wednesday for Yarn Along.



Yarn Along


Leaves and Cables Hat is still in progress, with eight more rows to go before completion. It is much easier to knit than at first, and I don’t have to concentrate as much on the pattern. I’ve enjoyed learning how to knit leaves and interlocking cables.

The weather has been gorgeously spring-like these past few weeks (with some cold spells).  I am quite eager for spring to come and don’t fancy the idea of any more snow, though admittedly there has been very little snow in these parts this winter.

Our art project this week was Chalk Board art. It was part of Alisha Gratehouse’s You are a Masterpiece art course. It was quite fun. Now we just have to find frames for our artwork.

I haven’t been reading much lately, though I did start Wuthering Heights last week.

Joining Ginny on Yarn Along.




This Week’s Creativity


I’m a little bit further along on my hat.  This week Mum bought a online art course, We are God’s Masterpiece by Alisha Gratehouse at Flourish Designs. The first project was to make your own She-Art girl, which is supposed to be a representation of you.

The decoupage sewing pattern behind it illustrates God’s design for our lives. The course is also accompanied by a little devotional.

You also get to decoupage your favourite book page to the head.  I’m not a fan of ripping out pages from books, even if they are really old and falling apart, but I did take a page from one of my favourite’s, Jane Eyre. 

I was hesitant to try my hand at this, since I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to art. However, we had a great time and I’m pleased with the finished products.

Joining Ginny at Yarn Along.