Socks and Salves

IMG_0337This weekend I kept busy with two home-making projects: finishing my socks and attempting my first salve.

I found a recipe for a Dandelion Salve, since our lawn is just teaming with Dandelions. Littlest sister helped me run about the backyard plucking off their tangy manes.


It was all very exciting—making your own salve (this one was for dry hands), and a not very appeasing jar of dandelions-doused in oil sat on our window sill for a few days. I found cute tins at a craft store near us to put them in and set to work making my first salve.

However, though it looked just like a salve, the results were much too oily for any use. I think the reason for this is due to the fact it had both Coconut Oil and the infused oil. Anyhow, I’m not discouraged; it’s a process of trial and error.


Sweet Stripes #2 came off the needles yesterday, and I’m on to another pair.