The Cat and the Hat


I’m making headway on Mum’s Leaves and Cables Hat, after having to rip the band out and start anew.  I’m enjoying the challenge of the leaf motif along with the interlocking cables. It’s quite fun and keeps me focused.  However, it’s a project that calls for complete silence and no interruptions and I’m not too pleasant if I lose my place.

I’m not sure what the brand of the yarn I’m using is, though I know the wool is Aran. Mum had bought it up north when we were at our cottage in June, and since then it’s lost the label.

This post is called The Cat and the Hat, because it contains pictures of my thirteen year-old cat, Peppy. She is a dear and has taken to sleeping with my sister’s stuffed animals, particularly this cat Beanie Boo which looks just like her.

I am currently reading a collection of books.  I chose to picture Gilead in this post. I saw Ginny’s recommendation and decided to try it. So far I’m only a few pages in. I’m also in the middle of a novel about Cecily Neville, the wife of Richard Plantagenet who tried to claim his right to the crown from Henry VI, but ended up losing his life for it. It’s a confusing time period with so many cousins battling for the crown and so many characters, that I’ve started reading a non-fiction book on the Wars of the Roses by Dan Jones to sort out who’s who.

Joining Ginny this Wednesday at Yarn Along. Happy Knitting!