Project Catch-Up and Yarn Along


It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’m playing catch-up here.   Mum and Dad bought me The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp for my St. Nicholas Day stocking.  I loved it.  This has much more of Ann’s testimony.  Mum and I got to hear her speak for the first time this past November, sitting only 6 rows behind her, with mum having the great urge to move up and tap her on the shoulder and embrace her.  But she settled with obediently sitting still and allowing Ann some space.

I tried my hand at knitting fingerless sweat pea mitts as a Christmas gift for one of my sisters.  She happened upon me knitting them once and asked what I was working on.  I replied, “an experiment,” which wasn’t a lie since I truly hadn’t attempted mitts before. She took that as a satisfactory reply, though I found out later she suspected–and was excitedly hoping–it was something for her.  My heart swells with happiness when the receiver of knitted gifts shows pure delight as was the case here.


I was also asked to do a paid project, knitting up a poncho-type shawl for a friend’s Christmas gift for their daughter.  The pattern was cable capelet made with Loops and Thread Country Loom Yarn. I used Solarium for the colour choice.


Lastly, I decided because these capelets are fairly easy to knit up, that I’d make one to donate to the Ronald McDonald House and allow them to choose a mother currently staying there to give the shawl to.  I’ve been volunteering there bi-monthly in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoy being able to give back to a place that was so monumental in our lives in a very difficult time.  I hardly had time to begin my work that day when a staff member came to let me know they gave the shawl to one of the mother’s who was very grateful to be the receiver of it.

I’m now working on a winter hat for my mum, who had high expectations of doing it herself this winter, but she kindly passed it along as something I might do better at.

Joining Ginny this Wednesday on Yarn Along.



9 thoughts on “Project Catch-Up and Yarn Along

  1. So sweet to hear of your knitting something for a mother at the Ronald Mcdonald house. We recently had a stay at the RMH while our daughter had a procedure done, right before Christmas, and it was a huge blessing in a hard season.


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