November Knits


November has come and with it a surge of knitting ideas and projects for the long winter ahead. I have many Raverlry patterns favourited with the hope of knitting them one day–there are SO many gorgeous knitting patterns and arrays of beautiful (and costly) yarns. I could go on dreaming up (and looking up) patterns I would like to knit. Currently, though I must finish the projects I have started.

My Solarium Caplet is almost at completion with the last ball diminishing in size and the cowl almost at its required length.

Sweet Pea Mitts are an exciting new addtion to my knitting projects. I just began them two nights ago and am looking forward to working with lacework again, while my fingers adjust to Size US 1 needles again after working with Size US 13. I am using three double pointed needles instead of two circular needles as it seems Michaels doesn’t sell that size and I’m used to knitting in the round with double pointed needles. Many thanks to Marilyn and her notes on her adjustments to Sweet Pea Mitts.

The yarn I’m using is Patons Kroy Sock Yarn. I had orginially planned to used the yarn choice suggested–Brown Sheep Wildfoote but after discovering no local yarn shop sold it and the only option was to order online with a shipping price of more than one ball of the desired yarn would cost, I opted for a cheaper deal at Michaels.

I am currently reading Barbara Willard’s The Lark and the Laurel, a delightful book we found in a new local bookshop.

Also, enjoying the beautiful fall weather while it lasts, and wishing Autumn would stay more than a wee bit longer.

Joining Ginny this Wednesday for Yarn Along.



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