Yarn Along At Last!


The long delayed Yarn Along post is finally here. I must admit I’ve tried numerous times to compose a post, alas to no avail. My Almondine socks, however, made better progess with their completion about a month ago. I love their design and adore the wool, yet am fearful of wearing them without slippers in case of dirtying them.

I also knit my first beret this summer for a friend. I was absoluetly thrilled with the end product after washing and shaping it in a dinner plate.


Currently on the needles is another  Cabled Caplet, this time in Solarium.

Martin Chuzzlewit has made it to my stack of literature reads, however, I can only manage short increments as Dickens is slightly long winded. After an excursion to our local library I was delighted to discover a collection of The Love Letters of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. I’ve only read the first few, but am already in love with the eloquent way they express themselves. How I wish we wrote like that now-a-days.

I also picked up a biography on Sophia Tolstoy, having read both of Leo Tolstoy’s famous novels, Anna Karenina and War and Peace, and wishing to know more about him and his wife.

The book pictured above, Harvesting Color is another delightful library find. I’ve been quite intrigued by Ginny’s naturally dyed yarns, and this books gives an introduction into the dyeing process and what types of plants used for various colours.

Joining Ginny this Wednesday for Yarn Along.



14 thoughts on “Yarn Along At Last!

  1. Such a home-like, nurturing combination of knitting and books. Wish I could knit! The reading news interests me for my own library trips. I follow that process too–become interested in authors, and then follow the tangents of their relationships and lives. It’s like being introduced to their friends.


  2. Your socks are such a gorgeous colour, no wonder you want to keep them nice! Your book list sounds good. I haven’t read that Dickens novel so am interested in how you get on. Have a good week of knitting!


  3. I’ve tried a couple times to knit socks but I can’t find a good tutorial on the heel. 😦 I would really love to knit myself a pair of socks… any suggestions?


    1. Hello Monica,
      I’m only a recent sock knitter myself. The first sock I tried knitting didn’t work out, but after that I used a Patons pattern called Cable Socks. Here is the link to it, if you want http://www.yarnspirations.com/patterns/cable-socks.html

      It had pretty good directions for the heel flap and the turning of the heel, but I did use a you tube tutorial for direction on how to pick up the gusset. I’ve used a couple of different videos, and whenever I knit socks I have to refresh my memory. Here is one of the youtube vidoes that I found helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSxQimGXUEo
      I hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by and for following my blog!

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