Northern Knitting


We had a lovely family getaway up North for a week in this gorgeous A-frame cottage. I came stocked with novels, knitting, and a new medieval tapestry colouring book. The dock proved a perfect, sunny spot to knit.

My sock is making slow process right now, and I think I may have to diverge into a different knitting project before I attempt the next one.

I brought four novel choices for our stay. However, only two managed to be read: A Dangerous Inheritance and Gutenberg’s Apprentice. I am now attempting The Snake Pit, though it is slow moving.

Joining Ginny on Yarn Along.


17 thoughts on “Northern Knitting

  1. I just want to step right into your photos! That looks like a magical place for reading and knitting and relaxing. I love Alison Weir! I haven’t read that particular book of hers, but I did see she has a new one out, the first in a series about all of Henry VIII’s (poor, ill-fated!) wives.


  2. What a lovely spot! I live on Cape Cod and we just got a boat with a dock, complete with adorondak chair as well. I hope to bring my knitting and just sit out on the water for some sunny afternoons. Thanks for liking my recent post. I’m in the process of catching up all my projects to social media sites via my new blog. I hope you enjoy.


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