Yarn Along: Sweet Stripes (and a little hike)


Sweet Stripes #1 is complete, with its mate currently on the needles. I’m not too far into the second sock, though they’re pretty straightforward to knit, and addicting once you begin, so hopefully progress will be swift.

Still reading Agnes Grey. I also recently ordered this knitting book from the library. I’m not keen on the patterns it provides, but am going to try following the instructions on different techinques used in colour knitting, and also try some of the grids.

I have knit using intarsia before, but my tension was terrible and the colourwork came out bumpy and uneven. I would like to improve this skill before I attempt anything intricate.

Spring has finally sprung—(if only the warm temperatures would stay!) and a couple of days ago, Mum, Sister, and I decided on a hike. We’re blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of hiking trails, and the one we chose was just as picturesque as the others. While on our hike we spotted Trilliums, alongside Forget-Me-Not’s, and Birch Trees.

Our cherry tree too, has burst into bloom, with its milky petals displayed wonderfully against a blue spring sky.


Joining Ginny on Yarn Along.



19 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Sweet Stripes (and a little hike)

  1. What a gorgeous post! These photos are so beautiful! Thank you for the book recommendation – I would love to get to know color knitting more!


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