Yarn Along: Sweet Stripes


At long last War and Peace is finished, and I’ve decided on a smaller volume–Agnes Grey. I only began this book two nights ago, so I can’t give much of a verdict. So far it’s pleasureable, though not as good as The Tennant of Wildfell Hall. I also picked up My Antonia at the library, so that’s next on my reading list.

I’m currently working on cabled socks for a friend’s birthday. The yarn I’m using is called Sweet Stripes, so hence the title of this post. It’s quite delightful to watch the array of colours align themselves. Unwraveled, the yarn just screams chaos, but once knit, it is in perfect geometric order.

The colour combination is also perfect for spring. Right now, in the Great White North, spring is late in coming–or rather, spring has come, but the warm weather hasn’t.

Our Cherry tree is on the verge of bursting into full bloom.  While on a stroll about the garden, mum and I spotted the first bud. It’s only a matter of days before our Cherry tree will be an explosion of white petals.

Joining Ginny on Yarn Along.


13 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Sweet Stripes

    1. That sounds like here. We had a small period of warm weather, and then winter decided to make it’s appearance again. At least the snow is gone. Hopefully the warm weather will start appearing. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Love the sock and the hyacinths! I’m planning on knitting some cabled socks this summer to practice cabling without a needle.
    I have never been able to make it through War and Peace, although I love most of the British Victorian writers. Agnes sounds really good.


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